The AAUP was first organized in 1915. The Simmons College AAUP chapter was founded as early as 1916 as part of the “Boston Group,” and most recently reinstated in 2015. More than forty professors—nearly 10% of the faculty at the women’s college of some 1,700 students—belong to the chapter.

Want to meet one-on-one for a conversation about AAUP and the benefits of membership? Please reach out to any of the following members by clicking on their name:

Diane Grossman (CAS)

Elizabeth Metallinos-Katsaras (SNHS)

Sarah Leonard (CAS)

Susan Sampson (SOM)

Cathie Mercier (SLIS)


General contact information: 


Simmons College AAUP
PO Box 7121
Gloucester, Ma 01930

Massachusetts State AAUP Conference information